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My Study has been established in China for 8 years, and was formed with main goals in mind: to offer foreign teachers already in China, and those that are thinking of coming to China, to offer Chinese teachers, to offer teaching training for English teaching, to offer good textbooks to kindergartens. By providing this, it was envisaged that we would achieve two things:

1. High-standard early childhood education

2. Ensure that quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the kindergartens are attained.

My Study is the branch of Best Study that has been established in China since 1997. Best Study is the best extracurricular education of middle and primary schools in South China. It has more than 100 schools.
My Study is licensed to hire foreign experts.
My Study is made up of a wide range of Native English speakers from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand
We are proud that we have so many experienced Chinese and Foreign English teachers, with most having more than 5 years teaching experience, so that we can give very professional training to kindergartens.
We are proud that we have cooperated with more than 100 kindergartens in Guangdong,and have taught English to more than 1,000,000 students.
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